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For the Sake of the Homosexual: Friendship Rules

How could you not love a boy who faked a soft-shoe like Bojangles Robinson and called you “Miss Shirley” and sang to you at your locker?  Or who pretended to have a dear friend, Ed, whom he didn’t realize was … Continue reading

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The Best Sister

I have two older sisters whom I’ll call, in all fairness, Cruella and St. Joan.  Not to telegraph anything.  St. Joan arrived yesterday morning on her Steed of Assistance (real name: Rowdy) to help me finish painting the kitchen.  I … Continue reading

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Generational conflict? Maybe not, since we’re all gonna die

I am on record for some time now as noticing that the younger generation — my daughter Ginsberg and her friends, kids in their early twenties, as epicenter — are less — or not at all —  racist.  I was … Continue reading

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Watching “Tony”

Sometimes I feel that I live in a different universe from everyone else. I just watched a short film produced by George Clooney called “Tony.” I’m a big fan of Clooney, both of his talent and of his commitment to … Continue reading

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Having dinner with some really nice people

Darren and I had dinner last night with a friend of his from grad school and her husband.  I’ll call them Flannery and Theodore.  It was great.  We are like-minded politically, which helps, and we all like to read, and … Continue reading

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Going out on a limb: Racism isn’t very smart

Boy, is racism one weird-ass phenomenon.  I don’t even know where to begin.  Yes, I do.  Today’s Media Matters email (click here for the same information on their web page) tells of yet another shocking attempt to get people to … Continue reading

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Warren vs. Geithner (Brilliant vs. Brillianter)

They’re both brainy as hell.  Jon Stewart (and Darren) seem to have a thing for Elizabeth Warren, though she is decidedly academic-looking; I think her appeal is in her earnestness and her intelligence, which I love.  Geithner, on the other … Continue reading

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