Rewatching “The Wire”

It’s tedious to say it again, but I have to.  The Wire was the best thing that ever hit the TV screen.  Darren and I are watching it all again from the beginning, and it’s even better, because you know they are underestimating Lester, and you know Prez will get worse before he redeems himself in a completely different job, and you see right from the beginning that you just want to adopt Wallace.  I realized last night that I had always misread Stringer Bell.  Two of my friends recently responded with horror when I said he was one of my favorite characters.  I asked Darren and he agreed with them that Stringer is an evil bastard.  So I thought about it, and I realized I’m just a sucker for someone who goes to community college.  I believed in Stringer.  I thought he wanted to get out of the life because he wanted to be better, not just richer.  I also missed some early clues, like when he says D’Angelo didn’t do enough to “send a message” to Bubbles’ friend after he ripped off the low-rise dealers for $30.  I thought he meant D’Angelo needed to act stronger, to actually give the order for the beating.  Darren says, no, he meant D should have had him killed.  Oooooooh.  Omar got a code.  Stringer don’t.


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One Response to Rewatching “The Wire”

  1. psoric says:

    So glad you have friends who set your right about Stringer.

    Got to love Omar. Got to hate Stringer Bell.


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