That show Betty White is on

Yes, I love Betty White, even though everyone else does too now, which should bring on the backlash any minute now.  The weird thing is, her new show is funny.  It’s not 30 Rock, of course, but it’s not bad.  I’ve been trying to figure out what is so damn funny about that woman, and I think it just goes back to spectacular comic timing.  Sure, it’s funny when any old person talks about computers, sex, or hip-hop.  Well, sometimes.  [As my friend Mike P. once said: “The supervisors where I work think people my age are reluctant to use computers.  I’m not reluctant. I’ll tie it to your leg and throw you in the river.”]  But Betty has the timing too.  Even standing next to Wendy Malick, she can make a so-so line better.  And this show has some pretty good lines, some times.  It’s worth DVRing, I think.  In My Mind.


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One Response to That show Betty White is on

  1. psoric says:

    The good thing about being as old as BW is that the backlash will be unspoken. People will silently stew when her name is mentioned, but she is beyond verbal reproach, just as when so many of our present-day bigots have to keep their mouths closed or fear reprisals to speech that would have been winked at a few years ago.

    Either that, or there will have to be an encoding of the backlash, just as there is encoding of the hate speech concerning our president. Some things can’t be said outright–it doesn’t mean the thoughts aren’t there, it just means that no red blooded American will stand for Betty White being called an “old bitch”, not while there’s apple pie or a flag to wave, they won’t.


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