Watching “Greenberg”

Greenberg is one of those movies a lot of people I know hate, because the characters aren’t that nice.  In fact, they’re mostly jerks, or ex-jerks who are nice now, but that doesn’t make it all right.  I concede all that, but there is something I like about delving into that aspect of the dark side anyway.  Usually.  Anyway, Greenberg is well worth watching.  For one thing, it gets the details right.  I hate a movie where someone is staying in someone else’s expensive house and no one ever seems to clean anything.  That’s right, this movie shows gardeners and maids actually picking stuff up in the background, as they would in real life (the real life of these particular people).  Likewise, the poorer people’s apartments look messy but not in a contrived way; in this case the bathroom door open, wet towels hanging.  I like that.  Ben Stiller and Greta Gerwig are both superb, and like all Noah Baumbach works, this one is well-written.  I also enjoyed seeing Rhys Ifans play against type, as a former musician who is just trying to be normal now.  Good movie.


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