Watching “Diabolique”

First of all, Simone Signoret really is as good as they say.  You can’t take your eyes away, sometimes.  Véra Clouzot, not so much (I haven’t checked on their relationship, but the director is suspiciously named Clouzot also.)  Diabolique is old-fashioned in its characters’ naiveté, especially if, like Ginsberg and me, you have watched a thousand true crime shows and/or police procedurals.  They’re leaving evidence all over the damn place.  And Véra keeps acting as suspicious as humanly possible, like standing near the swimming pool where they’ve stashed the body and wringing her hands.  Come on! At some point, I turned to my colleagues and said, “I just have to say, she (Véra) is the stupidest murderer alive.”   I am also on record (said it out loud halfway through) as having it figured it out, which I hardly ever do.  Nonetheless, very good movie, and I do love an old movie where people constantly smoke and no one minds.  Nostalgia, I guess.


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