The Best Husband

My husband Darren is very under-the-radar in his greatness.  He spent his recent three-and-a-half day weekend responding to one non-epic crisis after another.  First, he and Ginsberg put the final coat on the top of our 15-year-old van, which he decided to tackle instead of paying $800 to have it done.  Then the computer problems began.  My laptop was 5 years old and had started to have intermittent and random troubles.  I suddenly lost my auto-complete email addresses.  I synced my iTouch and lost my calendar.  Outlook wouldn’t even open at one point.  I also just got a bigger-capacity iTouch with our Visa points, and needed to upgrade.  I have had all kinds of trouble syncing my older iTouch, and now I’m afraid to do it without someone else checking my settings.  Already-long story cut short, we decided I needed a new laptop.  He checked them out online, found a great deal, and we sped over to Best Buy to get it.  Then he had the task of moving my files over and installing my programs, setting it up on our network, etc.  Mind you, he was  getting interrupted this whole time by Ginsberg and me, asking questions about unrelated things, like what to do about the weird place on the wall in the kitchen?  And have you seen that shopping bag we brought in earlier?  And fireworks are about to start; have we brought all the cats indoors?  Even Mrs. Dubose, because we love her anyway?  For every time I admonished him to relax because it was a holiday weekend, I immediately added at least two requests for help.  He even took time to drive to a couple of stores to find me a good carrying case for the new laptop.  And he was ever patient, always willing, and never complained.   If it were me, I would have been going slowly crazy, snapped, and threatened to get “my own apartment.”  And, as a teacher, I have summers off (okay, not really off, because I have classes to prepare, but let’s say I have very flexible hours and can work in bed) to get all of my ridiculous projects done.  Improbably, he says he just enjoys spending time with us.  Ginsberg and I talked on Tuesday, after he had gone back to work.  She said that many times, her friends are amazed to discover all of the stuff Darren knows.  Many times, their fathers are afraid to turn on a computer, or they don’t know what to do when the dishwasher breaks.  I told her about Mike Meyers’ old SNL sketch about Middle-Aged Man, who swooped in to help young couples with his knowledge of electricity and plumbing.  He’s like that.  A hero in old guy clothing.


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