Why I’d like to buy Michelle Obama a coffee

Well, first of all, she’s smart and seems to have a sense of humor.  But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

Yesterday I came across the following news report:

In a new book released on Thursday in France, two French journalists claim that Michelle Obama told French first lady Carla Bruni that her life as the first lady of the United States is “hell,” according to an account in the book cited by London’s Daily Mail.

Apparently, there is some sort of brouhaha about this, and all participants are denying our first lady said anything of the sort.  Puh-leeze.  If she didn’t say it, she was thinking it, and anyone with a little imagination should understand the profound truth of it.  Here’s a woman who worked her ass off at some prestigious schools, married the smartest guy in the room, and was pulling down six figures and living in Hyde Park.  Then her husband, who could have been making more money than God, and who had spent the first years of their marriage organizing the damn community for little remuneration, then playing state senator at the capital while she raised the kids and waited for him to get that impulse to help people out of his system, and then he tells her he’s running for president.  Well, she probably thought, he’s black.  The odds of him getting elected are, let’s see…zero.  Okay, I’ll play along.

And then he goes and wins.
So, there you are, with your fancy intelligence and job skills, and you have to act out the role of the blandest woman in America.  When Hilary Clinton (ahem, currently our Secretary of State) was First Lady, she was attacked for wearing a pantsuit.  Laura Bush bravely wore them anyway and was not attacked very much, but then she wasn’t trying to reform anything or be an individual in public. (Much smarter than she seemed, no?)  Our most beloved FL, Jackie Kennedy, was revered because she was a good decorator and wore designer clothes.  What century is this, folks?
Remember Raisa Gorbachev?  She had a fucking Ph.D.  In philosophy.
Michelle, come have coffee with me.  Afterward, we will stand together on the Capitol steps and announce that being First Lady sucks.  Hard.  And anyone who doesn’t think so can take over giving parties and having people criticize their hairdo while you go back to being a big fancy executive with, you know, power.

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2 Responses to Why I’d like to buy Michelle Obama a coffee

  1. Beth Clary says:

    I’m sending this to everyone I know!!! You say it just right. If this turns into the big deal of the day or month I’ll have to up my blood pressure medicine. I’m sharing a link to my friend’s blog who wrote an excellent post, I thought, about Obama’s birthday week when Michelle was criticized for letting Barack have some personal time. Darn these people who are more interested in hair styles, dresses versus pants suits instead of the guy down the street who has only enough money to feed his kids and not get his roof repaired! Can I come for coffee too? Please?

    Here is the link: http://ticktalking.wordpress.com/

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