Watching the movie “Protagonist”

Just finished streaming a little-known movie called Protagonist. This documentary features four men who found meaning in extreme activities, then backed off after meeting their real selves coming around a corner.  A gay man who, raised a Christian, fought his most basic desires to preach against homosexuality; an abused child who grew up to rob banks and join a prison gang; a bullied boy who master martial arts, but unknowingly followed a mad man; and a German, also abused as a child by his Nazi father, who becomes a leftist terrorist.  All four experience an unfulfilled but primal need, a period of belonging where viewing the world in black and white is necessary, and a moment of catharsis that proves they have chosen the wrong path.  The director (who it turns out is married to the martial arts guy, but that doesn’t come up in the film) uses an Errol Morris-style talking head structure, and mars it only a little with her weird use of puppets and Greek drama to enhance the stories.  I didn’t understand that part, and don’t find it necessary, as the men themselves are well-spoken and have heartfelt stories to tell.  Anyway, watch it if you have a couple of hours.  It’s all about the gray.


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