Reading Damn Jane Eyre

One of my sophomore friends approached me on the commons and asked me if I’d read Jane Eyre, because she had just started reading it, and the math teacher’s positive response shamed me into starting it immediately (see earlier post, “On Reading Six Books at a Time).

I love it.  It’s a bit different from what I had imagined.  For instance, I’m only fifteen chapters in, but who knew Rochester would dress up like a gypsy and fool everyone?  I did not see that coming.

I hope they don’t all die at the end.  If they do, don’t tell me, okay?


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2 Responses to Reading Damn Jane Eyre

  1. Psoric says:

    They don’t do they?

    Don’t tell me!

  2. Beth Clary says:

    don’t tell me either!

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