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Stop blaming the teachers. Also, on the inauthenticity of schools and teachers as portrayed in movies and on TV.

A Good Day to Teach

In the world of schools, right before a break, everyone becomes stressed out to the point of near insanity.  Students and teachers alike are heard laughing maniacally right before they break into sobs.  A sea of shoulders sag.  We put … Continue reading

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This I Believe

I believe in teaching kids to think for themselves.  Wow, you’re probably thinking.  Who doesn’t?  A lot of good ideas for how to improve schools are cast about nowadays.  Really, they always have been: Teach critical thinking.  Model problem-solving.  Give … Continue reading

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Watching “Teach”

Lately, I have a hard time watching shows about teaching.  It was painful enough watching Michael Rapaport on Boston Public run out at lunch to buy 30 hardback copies of a new book he suddenly wanted his class to read.  … Continue reading

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