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The Death Thing

An acquaintance of mine died this week.  I would say unexpectedly, but others seem to have known at least a little before it happened that it was coming.  We saw each other occasionally for breakfast –Darren and she were friends … Continue reading

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The Best Sister

I have two older sisters whom I’ll call, in all fairness, Cruella and St. Joan.  Not to telegraph anything.  St. Joan arrived yesterday morning on her Steed of Assistance (real name: Rowdy) to help me finish painting the kitchen.  I … Continue reading

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Watching Old Tarantino Movies: True Romance and Jackie Brown

I was mystified that Inglourious Basterds did not win more Oscars.  Tarantino remains truly original (and, Nazis melt.  What more could you want?).  Ironic, because he does refer to, and use, tropes from film history a lot, but he does … Continue reading

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