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The Myth of the Dinner Table

For years I have been hearing that healthy families, families with children who don’t become drug addicts or wastrels, eat dinner at the dinner table.  No watching TV, no failing to show up due to soccer commitments.  It is implied … Continue reading

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The Best Sister

I have two older sisters whom I’ll call, in all fairness, Cruella and St. Joan.  Not to telegraph anything.  St. Joan arrived yesterday morning on her Steed of Assistance (real name: Rowdy) to help me finish painting the kitchen.  I … Continue reading

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Having dinner with some really nice people

Darren and I had dinner last night with a friend of his from grad school and her husband.  I’ll call them Flannery and Theodore.  It was great.  We are like-minded politically, which helps, and we all like to read, and … Continue reading

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Please stop talking about that paint!

Would someone please explain to me why it is so hard to pick out a paint color that looks good on your own walls?  On HGTV, they constantly arrive with buckets of just the right Orange Peel, or Bird of … Continue reading

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The Best Husband

My husband Darren is very under-the-radar in his greatness.  He spent his recent three-and-a-half day weekend responding to one non-epic crisis after another.  First, he and Ginsberg put the final coat on the top of our 15-year-old van, which he … Continue reading

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